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Product Overview

       Xiamen wain Heavy Electrical Limited, connector products in the design,manufacturing process fully into the world of industrial connector industry's most advanced concepts and technology, and strictly in accordance with DIN VDE0110, DIN VDE0627, DIN EN61984, IEC60529 the standards of design and testing, can provide customers high quality products. Companies have introduced HA, HE, HEE, HD, HDD, HSB, HK, HQ, HM series of products, various combinations of up to thousands, to meet the different areas, different occasions, electrical or signal connection requirements.

       WAIN series connectors heavy machinery, wind energy, rail transportation, power systems, photovoltaic industry, communications industry, engineering equipment and other fields has been widely used.

       WAIN connector has gotten VDE,UL,CUL, CE, CQC certifications.


Heavy Duty Connector